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December 14, 2011


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and the warmth of Florida.

That's right! I'm back in MD :) and its (for the most part) gloomy looking atmosphere. I spent the whole day driving around to and fro my old community college and restaurant to check up on friends and old associates. And the weather was just grey, compared to the sunshine down by the gulf.

First semester is a wrap! and I have to say that I learned many new things and came in term with others. While the new foundations curriculum in my school called for a very BUSYHECTICCRAZYWORK sort of college life, I'm learning and enjoying things that I would've never sat down and taken the time to learn. Also... I am grateful for the choices I made back in the day! I'd first thought I'd regret them, and there was no way of know of knowing for sure how things would work out in the long run, but run far they did.

Con news! I've been put on the waitlist of Katsucon it seems. But no loss there, as school will be in session when it rolls around... so flying back to DC may as well be impossible.

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Ark-san Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome back to our neck of the woods! (- v -)
(haha, i hope that you remember me otherwise this would be a tad bit awkward... you met me at Otakon if that helps at all.)

I hope that you are enjoying school (it was Ringling correct?) and if so are you enjoying the CA program? Oh, and bummer about Katsucon i was hoping to see you and your friend again cause i really look up to the two of you! Me and my friends were trying to get ourselves a table as well however due to age issues we couldn't OTL... Oh well, maybe next year. Oh, but are you at least thinking about signing up for Otakon again?

Sorry i'm babbling aren't i? haha, oh well hope i haven't been to much of a bother and hope to hear from you soon. ;P
chiou Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
Hey! Definitely remember lol

The CA program hasn't really 'started' yet, as we're all working on foundations, but I'll let you know how Traditional Animation I goes this semester haha.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I'm unable to attend Katsucon since I am at school (faraway) and I also missed the registration- (though I'm somewhere on the waiting list). IF TOO YOUNG, I'd ask a parent...? They gotta drive you anyways lul

OTAKON, DEFINITELY since it's local but registration is going to roller coaster ride, as I'm sure they are going to do the lotto process again haha
Ark-san Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Oh,I'm glad to hear that :)

And alright then, i hope that your enjoying everything even though it's only been foundation classes. I'm almost finished applying to colleges, Ringling being one of them, I really hope that i get in *crosses fingers*

Yeah Katsucon isn't happening for me and my friends either; we are going, however due to us not being old enough to register for a table we cant sell anything... D:

but yeah glad to hear you might still do Otakon. I'm going to apply this year since i turned 18 in January. Haha, maybe we'll get to see each other in artist alley if we're both lucky enough to get tables.
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