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August 2, 2011


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Want to say Thank YOUUU to :iconchevysaur: first for the sub haha. I WILL NOTE YOU asf;lk

Mann. It's been like two days since the convention ended and I am still tired haha, due to all the STRESS AND LACK OF SLEEP accumulated in the past month. So let's start in the beggining.

Otakon Prep Monday - Wed
I was stressing.... b/c I missed pre-reg! OTL and then Wu came up from Atlanta. I got my prints back from the printer and they looked fiiinnneee. Never going to staples again /holds dead wallet. With tangible posters, Wu and I started pre assembling our displays and to get a feel of how much room we had. That turned out to be great! because everything else went JUST AS PLANNED. We spent the whole week not sleeping, or taking turns taking 1-2 hr power naps (College skills, right there aha) before returning to prep work.

Day 0 Thursday
We ran to Staples bright n' early one more time to get Wu's prints done, while the other half of my hotel group gathered glowsticks for the rave. We met back my house and attempted to finish the phone charms a;fkj While I print them, they cut. Many jokes about Chinese sweatshop labor were made. :thumbsup: We were finally able to set out at 5pm! I checked us into the hotel, and then I realized I left my painting materials back at home. Luckily, Baltimore is only 45 min away from where I live. I got back around 9pm with canvas, paint and brushes in hand lol. I did not sleep that night either, since I wanted to submit something original to the art showw. THE PROCESS haha:

Day 1 Friday
I never slept, so it just felt like a continuation of prep haha. Wu, my bro, and I lugged all our stuff to registration around 9 to get checked in. I was pretty nervous, but that might have been exxagerated because I was so jittery and loopy from tiredness haha. Though I forgot to pre-reg, the AA staff were pretty forgiving and got us in pretty smoothly! The only thing I'd have to complain about is that they forgot to give us our 18+ blue wrist bands lol. NO HENTAI SECTION FOR US so sad. Set up was pretty quick and easy! I had these metal grids that I picked up at a thrift store, and were really convenient for display and storing our crap. Wu and I had some extra time even before the AA opened, so we entered our respective Art Show pictures to the auction. AND THEN THE MOB CAME. It was a little slow at our table first, and Wu was feeling a bit discouraged. Though it was my first time tabling, I've sold my stuff at my school/local mall before, so maybe I was little jaded to that aspect, but it was all good later in the afternoon! I met a lot of cool cosplayers. They were just out of this world! I brought a Shiemi (Blue Exorcist) outfit, but man. I just couldn't after seeing all the INSANELY GOOD COSPLAYS FLOATING AROUND.

I decided to stick with my civilian clothes haha. I also didn't plan this but I opened up commissions (because my table itself was looking kind of empty). I didn't expect so many to flood in! I had to close them after getting 10 or so, cuz I hadn't slept yet. I don't know how I was even awake by 11pm. I don't remember getting back to the hotel much. Definitely couldn't make it to the rave /LESIGGHHH

Day 2 Saturday
REFRESHED! sort of. Apparently I slept through my alarm all together (I set it as a submarine emergency siren thing) haha. We rushed down for breakfast and got  over to the AA a little late, but I have to say Saturday was a most fantastic day, with FANTASTIC PEOPLE. I got walk around the AA and Dealer's with Wu, wasn't really impressed with the latter so I splurged my little spending money on Art haha. I saw a lot of artists I recognized on DA/Tumblr :heart: I gushed, internally.. mostly haha. We also stalked the Art Show.

Wu and I bidded on some cute things as;ldfj At the end of the day, Wu and decided to head over to the rave... which was re located in the AMV room. It was tooo bigggg.... or not enough people? perhaps we went early, but it was not very exciting so we came back to the AA and derped around with our displays and talked to other artists! Headed back to the hotel at closing time.. Bought some icecream cones on the way out for my friends... got harassed on our way back due the nature of eating said icecream cones..... and I didn't sleep again haha due to the commissionsssfaljalsdkjf

Day 3 Sunday
Spent about an hour in the morning telling my hotel folks to WAKE UPPPP. I put a smelly sock to one of their faces. It did not work. So I mentioned free breakfast closes at 10am (which was a lie). As we also had to check out that same morning without looking too suspicious haha, and I was worried that some of us didn't have places to put our luggage. But it all worked out, because having an AA space automatically mean I have space to store everyone's stuff! For some reason too, Sunday was the busiest day, sales wise. Wu and I were absolutely pegged to our booths and I barely made it out in time to run over the live auction and see my painting go up! It was very exciting! The rest of the day was very hectic, and rushed as I said goodbye to new friends and ran around the Alley with other artist doing print trades. T-T I wish we had more time to talk n' stuff, but I'm glad I have all this art to pimp my room and dorm with!! We left the convention at 4/5ish. My mom drove us back, but I fell asleep before we even got of the parking garage haha.

It was a good and fun experience. Wu and I learned a lot this past week, and I will definitely consider Otakon AA next year as well as other conventions if I am able. Also,  I don't think I wouldn't have done as well as I did if I had not taken a gap year to work a job that made me talk to strangers everyday. I'd say exactly a year ago from today, I was so shy to a degree that I would ask/force my younger brother to order a burger for at McDonalds lol. I'm glad I got over my social anxiety and talked to all the people I did!

Our tablemates! were pretty cool, as I sat on the side and would watch one of them do their watercolor commissions/AM BLOWN AWAYYY. HOW DO YOU DO TINY ARTWORK SO NEATLY. I would creepily lean over /BREATHES DOWN NECK I will never know haha. We didn't get their names but they were so sweet! I'm glad they were able to find some table displays by the second day. :heart::heart:
:iconshilin: I met one of my idols on Sat, with Wu, and we talked about tabling... and ogled her work. I wanted a couple prints but they were out, so I returned on Sunday for them. (Finally, oh finally!)
:iconanimegirl000: also came by our table first in the most epic hardcore cosplay! (wedding scanty) thank you for all the charm trades ;; and I feel bad because wu and I would never make it to their table aaslfdkj too busysyysafj/SHOT
:iconjay13x: a pretty coooll dduuuude! I got a problem solver shirt. I will wear this on the first day of college orientation huhurr
:iconark-san: he wasn't tabling, but he TOTALLY SHOULD HAVEE??! Dude you need to. Thanks for showing me your sketchbook of cutenss. I cannot even- go for the AA! You and your friends were so sweet, and thank you so much for the sketches at the end! Wu and I rushed to our ARCHNEMISIS, STAPLES and got'em laminated :heart: BELIEVE IN YO'SELF!
:icone-lien: oh mannn, thank you for all the print trades! Oh god, so many print trade when all of ya ran by my table on sunday hhaha. that was fun! I'm glad we met!
:iconchewibunny: cool artist tabling across from us! Whenever we were slow Wu and I would stare across at her super flying cat print. Thank you so much for the print trade and suggestions/advice ;; haha, and I think my bro will benefit from it too lol /FOREVERANGRYFACEEE.

Oh gooddd and so many other artists GEEZUSS with beautiful work!I got SO MANY PRINTS, because I didn't spent a dime on food or dealer room merch haha Thank you to everyone who stopped by too! for the compliments, chats or bought things- you guys are all so cute and awesome!


I collected so many cards, but I can't seem to find everyone's DA account... And WU! My BFF since age two! You need a DA account! a;kdjf;kfj I will see you  tomorrow anyways. Goin' blue berry pickinnggggg yeaaaa. What are we, 6??? No.. wait.. I'm turning 19 in two days!

I need more sleep haha
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animegirl000 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011
It was sooo nice meeting yooou! ; o ;
Im sorry it took me so long to stop by and say that orz
but I hope we can see eachother again ! are you going to other cons :'D?
I see my amamion cosplay in there * u *
mogusq Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see myself in one of your images.. |D
kittykat92 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Student General Artist
It was so fun seeing you again, still couldn't believe I knew you from Girl Scout camp =P and I ove the eevee charm I bought my friends are jelly >^^<
sakukeuchi Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Oh cool!
Did you ever see a person wearing this huge animal crossing girl head?
TranslucentRainbow Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
that sounds like fun ; w;

i've yet to go to a convention, and I really hope I can soon.
I'd love to table, but Idk if I could OTL
Ark-san Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I'm so glad that i was able to meet you. i had so much fun at Otakon and meeting you and your friend was definitely one of the biggest highlights of the Con ;P

Oh noes staples!!!! that place will make you broke so fast! D:< but thank you :heart:
hopefully the next time we meet we will both have tables, i just need to work so much harder to improve by then!
Chevysaur Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Student Digital Artist
You're more than welcome!!

Wow, looks like it was a blast! ;o;
Narcratic-wolf Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
LOL, I was going to bid on that painting! I couldn't get enough of it <3..but I only had about $30 to spend on me at the time :[

I saw your booth too, but I didn't know it was you :"D
paperfleece Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
wow sounds like fun! i hope you are going to be there next year! im going to go for sure next year even if it means driving all the way from califorina XD
clumzyme123 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Student
That sounds like it was so much fun! When I was a minion for EC ComiCon, it was the most exciting three days, just running around, running mini errands for artists/guarding panels and talking to artists that I drool over, so I know how much of a rush it is to be in an environment like that! I'm so happy that it was such a blast for you! =]

And wowow that painting looks gorgeous! You have such an eye for colors, I'm so jealous of that!
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